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Industrial Fittings

R272/R276 and R285/R287 Male Pipe
Our selection of fittings enhances the value, the areas of application and convenience of Titeflex convoluted hose. With these fittings, most installation needs are easily met. Please consult us for any designs or applications not pictured here.

Convoluted hose fittings feature the exclusive Titeflex progressive swaging method of attachment. When attached correctly, the innercore and insert form a permanent assembly. The positive braid lock assures that strain is absorbed by the braid, not the hose innercore, ensuring hose integrity.
  • aerospace
  • chemical
  • industrial-manufacturing
  • locomotive
  • marine
  • mobile-machinery-and-construction
  • oil-and-gas
  • utilities
Crimp Attachment: 
Hose may be crimped using numerous standard hose crimping machines. For information on this alternate method of attachment and appropriate applications, please consult us.

Male pipe and female inserts are available in carbon steel and type 316 stainless steel. Collars for the preceding fittings are either carbon steel or type 304 stainless steel. Note: Carbon steel collars may be specified with stainless steel inserts, where only wetted surfaces require corrosion resistance.

Convoluted hose assemblies can be fabricated by Titeflex or authorized Titeflex distributors. To assure factory-made reliability for distributor assemblies, our distributors are equipped with Titeflex-designed and approved field swaging tools.
Industrial Manufacturing
Mobile Machinery & Construction
Oil & Gas


Stainless Steel
Part Number
Carbon Steel
Part Number
Thread Nominal ID
Y53308-100 Y53308-101 1/2 1/2 – 14 .378
Y53312-100 Y53312-101 3/4 3/4 – 14 .630
Y53316-100 Y53316-101 1 1 – 11-1/2 .849
Y53320-100 Y53320-101 1-1/4 1-1/4 – 11-1/2 1.069
Y53324-100 Y53324-101 1-1/2 1-1/2 – 11-1/2 1.306
Y53332-100 Y53332-101 2 2 – 11-1/2 1.756

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