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Industrial Hoses

UNI-BRAID® R160/R165 Series
Titeflex R160/R165 series...The original UNI-BRAID® design that outperforms all the others. UNI-BRAID® high-pressure hose is the most economical high pressure PTFE hose product ever offered to the market. It combines long life expectancy, high durability, and proven performance for superior service and cost effectiveness over the long term.
  • agriculture
  • industrial-manufacturing
  • marine
  • mobile-machinery-and-construction
  • oil-and-gas
  • utilities
Hose Construction
  • R160/R165 hose is made of conductive PTFE using Titeflex “ZS”(Zero Static) construction, to bleed off static build-up in high flow applications and eliminate the risk of “static” burning of the core.
  • This specially designed braid eliminates conventional spiral wraps, reducing weight and bulk without sacrifice of pressure capability.
  • In larger sizes (-12 thru -24) there is an additional braid layer between the PTFE innercore and the pressure carrying outer braid.
  • R160 hose’s innercore is thermally treated to enhance hose performance in extreme applications.
  • UNI-BRAID® can be fitted and tested to your exact specification by Titeflex or by an authorized Titeflex distributor. Our distributors are selectively certified to assemble high pressure hose assemblies. Insist that your Titeflex product is assembled and supplied by a Titeflex authorized distributor.
Industrial Manufacturing
Mobile Machinery & Construction
Oil & Gas
Application Advantages
  • No Phthalate. Titeflex only uses 100% PTFE, and conductive PTFE in the liner that remains flexible and does not leach.
  • Design optimized for your specific application
  • Manufactured in long lengths to reduce hose costs associated with coupling hose sections
  • Economical and cost effective
  • Greater Flexibility: In industrial hose applications where high performance under harsh conditions is required, Titeflex UNI-BRAID® PTFE hose offers effective solutions and high value. The patented UNI-BRAID® construction features a single outer layer braid that reduces bulk while maximizing pressure capability and provides an exceptionally tight bend radius.
  • Air Compressor (Discharge/Intake)
  • Chemical Manufacturing & Processing
  • Chemical Transfer
  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
  • Compressed Air/Gases
  • Foam Packaging
  • General Hydraulics
  • Load Cells,
  • Pigtails for Compressed Gas Cylinders
  • Pump Connectors
  • Pump Stations
  • RIM (Reaction Injection Molding)
  • Solvent Transfer
  • Steam Transfer
  • Water Jet
-65°F to 400°F (-54°C to 204°C) Consult factory for temperature-adjusted pressure ratings

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