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Industrial Hoses

R272/R276 Series
Unmatched engineering and technical experience in the application of convoluted PTFE hose products has allowed users to consistently rely on Titeflex for dependable performance and value every time.
  • aerospace
  • chemical
  • marine
  • utilities
Hose Construction
A white non-conductive PTFE liner, externally reinforced with PTFE impregnated fiberglass and a single steel wire braid.

Application Advantages
  • No Phthalate. Titeflex only uses 100% PTFE, and conductive PTFE in the liner that remains flexible and does not leach.
  • Titeflex R272/R276 hose is extremely flexible and lightweight offering an improved alternative to maximize operator handling and safety in comparison to other types of industrial hose.
  • Combined with PTFE’s unmatched chemical compatibility, corrosion resistance, temperature range and “non-stick” attributes, it offers a superior value.
  • In addition, R276 offers a black conductive innercore for high flow rate transfer applications where elimination of static charges is required to ensure performance.
  • Aluminum Smelting
  • Chemical Transfer
  • Foam Packaging
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Semiconductor Coolant
  • Steam Transfer
-40º F to 400º F (-40º to 204º C)
Consult factory for dynamic flexing applications at temperature limits and temperature adjusted pressure rating

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