Titeflex Establishes Global Leadership by Unifying Worldwide Divisions

November 30, 2010

Laconia, NH — Titeflex, a worldwide provider of stringent and demanding fluid management solutions for aerospace, industrial, commercial and transportation markets, is announcing a comprehensive plan to position itself as a unified and global business. This initiative will closely align the four worldwide Titeflex companies to offer PTFE and metal hose production capabilities and enable customers to access the company’s extensive rigid tube bending and flex-rigid assembly expertise.

Titeflex is a subsidiary of Smiths Group plc under the Flex-Tek Division, and will unify the three businesses that provide fluid management solutions to the aerospace industry: Smiths Tubular Systems – Laconia, Inc., in Laconia, New Hampshire, Titeflex Europe SAS in Ozoir la Ferriere, France; and STS Titeflex India Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore, India; with the fourth business, Titeflex Corporation, in Springfield, Massachusetts, offering expertise for both the industrial and transportation markets. Titeflex Europe will continue to serve the industrial and Formula One markets as well. To execute the unification strategy, Titeflex is re-launching the Titeflex brand, expanding its sales force, and upgrading facilities. Additionally, Smith Tubular Systems - Laconia, Inc. will begin doing business as Titeflex Aerospace.

“Many of our customers are globalizing their businesses and are looking for their suppliers to do the same,” explained Mitch Rogers, Managing Director of Sales. “Titeflex has always been a worldwide leader in fluid management solutions, and these initiatives will allow us to meet our customers’ evolving needs.”

In response to both internal and external research, Titeflex determined integration was necessary to provide worldwide reach to its customers. The company is communicating its standing in the global marketplace by launching a wide range of marketing efforts, including a single, comprehensive website, created to provide easy entry to all Titeflex locations and related industries served. The website design provides a simple, yet extensive set of search tools to find the right product solution for its customers demanding technical requirements. A newly developed logo, created to communicate agility and momentum, will be incorporated into all marketing materials worldwide.

In addition to a substantial redesign of the Titeflex brand, Titeflex will expand its sales force to enable customers to take full advantage of its worldwide capabilities. The company also completed major renovations of its Springfield location and will continue to expand and upgrade facilities as needed.

As a worldwide leader in creating and adapting fluid management products and quality programs, Titeflex has expertise traceable to aerospace at the dawning of the space age. Primary markets in addition to aerospace include chemical, petro-chemical, pulp and paper, petroleum equipment, heavy equipment, compressed gas, refrigeration, transportation, and dozens of other niche markets.