Manufacturing Capabilities - Transportation

Manufacturing Capabilities - IndustrialTiteflex’s manufacturing process focuses on its core technologies of Smooth Bore PTFE Hose Extrusion, Convoluting PTFE Hose, and Reinforcement (Braiding).

PTFE Extrusion

  • Material - PTFE fine powder
  • PTFE is blended with a lubricant
  • Billet or “preform” of PTFE is made
  • Billet loaded into extrusion press
  • Vertical Extrusion Process
  • Tube is heated to nearly 425°C to align PTFE polymer chains
  • Smooth bore PTFE Tube is produced

Convoluted PTFE

  • First layers are PTFE tape
  • Next layer is fiberglass impregnated with PTFE
  • Tube is convoluted in a forming die
  • Convoluted tube is heated to bond layers 

Reinforcement (braiding)

  • Stainless steel wire
  • Non-metallic fibers (para-aramid, polyester, Nomex)

Other technologies

  • Polymer co-extrusion
  • Cut-to-length (fused cut)