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R147 Virtual Pipeline Series
The Titeflex Virtual Pipeline Hose (R147-16) is ideally suited as a fuel decanting hose for high pressure compressed natural gas offloading and trailer filling. It is a versatile lighter weight high performance hose capable of long service life at temperature/pressure extremes.
  • oil-and-gas
Hose Construction
  • Delivers 5,000 PSI performance at half the minimum bend radius of other polymer hoses.
  • 40% weight reduction when compared to similar industry products
  • Titeflex R147-16 has a conductive PTFE inner core, which bleeds off static electricity, preventing electro-static discharge (ESD).
  • Conductivity maintained at all working temperatures
  • The coaxial inner liner has a conductive inner surface that does not degrade with normal use.
  • Utilizes high-tensile strength stainless steel reinforcement that increases in strength at cold temperatures for reliable performance.

Hose Size Nominal Size (in) ID Inches Average (in) OD Inches Average (in) MAWP PSI (psi) Burst PSI (psi) Length Feet (ft) Min Bend Radius (in) PFTE Wall Thickness (in) Weight (lb/ft) Conductive / Nonconductive Smooth / Convoluted Post Sintered / Unpost Sintered
R147 Virtual Pipeline-16 1.0000 0.8670 1.369 5,000 24,000 25.00 5.000 0.051 0.75 C S P
Oil & Gas
Application Advantages
  • Ideally suited as a versatile, light weight, more flexible, high performance hose capable of long service life at temperature/pressure extremes.
  • The ultimate transfer hose for a wide range of high-pressure applications most notable in the fuel transfer of compressed natural gas.
  • Typical assembly length 15ft. and 20ft.
  • CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)
  • Pigtails for Compressed Gas Cylinders
  • -65°F to 400°F (-54°C to 204°C) for continuous service
  • -100°F to 500°F (-73°C to 260°C) for intermittent service
Consult factory for temperature adjusted pressure rating

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