Industrial Fittings

R272/R276 and R285/R287 Flange Retaining Insert Tefzel® Encapsulated
Our selection of fittings enhances the value, the areas of application and convenience of Titeflex convoluted hose. With these fittings, most installation needs are easily met. Please consult us for any designs or applications not pictured here.

Convoluted hose fittings feature the exclusive Titeflex progressive swaging method of attachment. When attached correctly, the innercore and insert form a permanent assembly. The positive braid lock assures that strain is absorbed by the braid, not the hose innercore, ensuring hose integrity.
  • aerospace
  • food-and-beverage
Titeflex’s Tefzel® encapsulated flange retaining inserts are now available in 1", 1-1/2" and 2"sizes. These fittings are manufactured using a base insert of nickel plated carbon steel. The Tefzel® compound is injection molded around this base insert at high pressure. This high pressure injection molding results in a tough zero porosity plastic encapsulation which is highly corrosion resistant. The wall thickness on all wetted surfaces of the flange retaining insert is a minimum of .060".

Dependent on media, temperature capability of the encapsulated stub end is 250°F. Consult factory for detailed information on fluid capability and temperature rating.
Industrial Manufacturing
Mobile Machinery & Construction
Oil & Gas


TEFZEL® Encapsulated
Stainless Steel Collar
TEFZEL® Encapsulated
Carbon Steel Collar
Nominal ID
Y53416-97H Y53416-91H 1 .740
Y53424-97H Y53424-91H 1-1/2 1.22
Y53432-97H Y53432-91H 2 1.706

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