Fluoropolymer Hoses

Gas Hoses Developed for the Toughest Environments

We provide you with a full line of fluoropolymer hose and engineered assemblies to meet your most challenging chemical transfer application requirements. We offer a wide range of innercore products that include smooth bore, anti-static and heavy wall models. You can receive custom manufactured fluoropolymer hose to your specifications, delivered worldwide. We control the full manufacturing process, which gives us the ability to guarantee the highest quality.

We offer engineered solutions that address flexure, vibration, thermal or pressure related problems as well as applications involving the transfer of liquids or gases. Our fluoropolymer hose products can be found in the aerospace, compressed gas, automotive, hydraulic and food industries. The gas hoses have a core of PTFE, PFA or ETFE, with one or more layers of stainless steel braid over the tube. We also supply hoses with Kevlar under the stainless steel braid.

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We manufacture high pressure hoses to the gas industry and other companies that provide gas equipment around the world. Hoses and fittings are optimized to meet the quality standards is a necessity to meet safety requirements in the gas industry. Our interconnected high pressure hose is constructed with an inner tube made of PTFE, PFA or ETFE and is optimized for low diffusion and high temperatures. Depending on the pressure requirements, it is provided with one or two layers of stainless steel braid.

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