Specialty Hoses

Jack-Chem Rubber Covered FEP Hose

Our rubber covered hose has been custom engineered for lasting service in critical transfer applications. We can produce assemblies to your specific length and diameter needs to connect to your system.

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117198 CNG Hose

117198 hose has a nominal 0.040″ wall of conductive PTFE innercore and Uni-Braid® Stainless Steel braid wire reinforcement. The PTFE and innercore is processed to improve the permeation resistance (compared to R122-series hose).

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R147 CNG Hose

Titeflex R147 hose is ideally suited as a versatile lighter weight high performance hose capable of long service life at temperature/pressure extremes. Titeflex R147 PTFE hose is the ultimate transfer hose for a wide range of high pressure applications.

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MTLC Smooth Bore PTFE Lined Stainless Steel Metal Hose

MTLC hose is engineered with a smooth PTFE innercore which is inserted and locked in place in reinforced corrugated metal hose that is also manufactured by Titeflex US Hose.

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Chlorine Hose

Chlorine transfer is recognized as one of the most challenging and potentially hazardous hose applications. Aware of the clear need for safety, reliability and performance, Titeflex has engineered a unique product to meet the demands of this critical application.

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The flexible Filter-Master hose with smooth bore high performance Teflon® core permits higher flow rates, elimination of oil absorption and ease in cleaning of the non-stick PTFE innercore.

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