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Titeflex US Hose: A Global Leader in Fluid Management

Titeflex/US Hose is a global leader in creating and adapting fluid and gas management products and quality programs, Titeflex expertise can be traced to its aerospace roots at the dawning of the space age. We provided solutions and service for demanding fluid and gas transfer requirements, whether the media be corrosive, caustic or combustible, under extreme pressure, temperature and flexing conditions. Primary markets include aerospace, chemical, petro-chemical, pulp and paper, petroleum equipment, heavy equipment, compressed gas, automotive, refrigeration, transportation, and dozens of other niche markets. The company has a long history of expertise in PTFE extrusion and wire braid reinforcement, and composite hose as the new integration of flexible metal hose with the merger of US Hose. Titeflex’s background and experience in stringent and demanding hose requirements plays into the strengths of our applications engineers. We are able to assimilate some of the most difficult and demanding applications known today into customer satisfaction, borrowing from our experience and core technology. Committed to quality, Titeflex Quality Systems are 3rd party certified and has received numerous other certifications and accreditations.

In 2019 United Flexible was acquired by Smiths Group PLC and merged within the Flex-Tek Group. The US Hose portion of United Flexible was integrated with Titeflex where there are numerous symmetries between customers, products and operations. The history of US Hose dates back over 100 years with the introduction of the first wire bound hose. Over the years they have expanded through acquisition and product offerings into into PTFE, composite and flexible metal tubing. US House is a global leader in the design, development, manufacture and support of performance-critical rigid and flexible engineered solutions for the transfer of fluids and gases in extreme environments. The merger of the two organizations firmly place Titeflex/US Hose as a leader and one-stop shop for PTFE, Composite or Flexible Metal tubing products.

Titeflex/US Hose is a subsidiary of Smiths Group plc under the Flex-Tek Division. Smiths Group is a global technology company listed on the London Stock Exchange. A world leader in the practical application of advanced technologies, Smiths Group delivers products and services for the threat & contraband detection, medical devices, energy, communications and engineered components markets worldwide. Smiths Group products and services make the world safer, healthier and more productive. For more information about Smiths Group, please visit www.smiths.com.