Extra High Pressure Smooth Bore Hoses

High Pressure 6000psi Applications

Extra High Pressure smooth bore PFA or ETFE core (FDA compliant) with aramid fiber and 304SS wire over-braid, outer cover of abrasion resistant Hytrel color coded blue for ETFE and black for PFA innercore.

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HP Series Extra High Pressure Hose 6000psi Applications

Smooth bore anti-static PTFE innercore with multiple layers of high tensile 304 stainless steel braid reinforcement.

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R147 – 6000psi Applications

Titeflex R147 hose is ideally suited as a versatile lighter weight high performance hose capable of long service life at temperature/pressure extremes. Titeflex R147 PTFE hose is the ultimate transfer hose for a wide range of high pressure applications.

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