Smooth bore anti-static PTFE innercore with multiple layers of high tensile 304 stainless steel braid reinforcement.

Increases service life and is ideal for high temperature and high pressure impulse service conditions. Applications include hydraulics, pneumatics, heated hose, high pressure gas and oxygen transfer as well as various liquids and chemicals. Minimum burst pressure of 24,000 PSI. Maximum working pressure of 6,000 PSI. Previously known as 58-series.

Multi-Braid Extra High Pressure Hose

Multi-Braid High Pressure PTFE hose is ideal for chemicals, hydraulic fluids, epoxies, sealants, adhesives and compressed gases. We can produce assemblies to your specific length and diameter needs to connect to your system. If you do not find the exact hose and fitting combination required for your service, please contact our customer service. You can be assured our engineering experts will be easy to talk to and focused on solving your problem.