Compressed Gas/Air Separation

Air separation technology is widely used in producing high purity gases that are used in metal production, electronics, space exploration and chemical industries. High purity oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and rare gases (helium, neon, and krypton) are primarily produced using cryogenic fractionation technology.

Titeflex US Hose is a leader in providing advanced technological innovation and practical solutions to transfer volatile gases and cryogenic liquids at very low and high pressures. Our mission is to supply highly-reliable and safe flexible piping solutions.

Our air separation, cryogenic liquid, and compressed gas solutions include large diameter corrugated metal hose assemblies for cryogenic truck loading and unloading; small diameter corrugated metal hose assemblies for filling and sampling cryogenic storage dewars; cylinder filling using small diameter corrugated metal and fluoropolymer hose assemblies for hydrogen, helium, natural gas with Dense-Pak high pressure flexible hose for filling natural gas tanks. We can also offer cryogenic composite hose assemblies to lightweight handling of refrigerated gases.

Note: Flexible PTFE, ETFE and PFA (3000-6000 PSI WP) ultra high-pressure hose assemblies available at the longest continuous lengths in the industry, up to 200 feet.

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