MasterCrimp Smooth Bore Fittings Permanent Crimp Fittings Male Pipe Brass
US Hose manufactures and inventories over 500 sizes and styles of fittings.

Fabricating smooth bore PTFE hose assemblies is now fast, easy and reliable! We offer a complete fitting alloy selection in stock and ready for fast delivery. Fitting materials consist of carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, or a combination of materials. MasterCrimp saves on your inventory costs by offering you a single fitting that will fit both thin and heavy wall smooth bore hoses. Additionally, the simple assembly process minimizes tooling and labor costs.

After the hose is cut to length, MasterCrimp ferrules are designed to slide on either by hand or with an optional collar assembly tool. One size collar fits both thin and heavy wall hose. Easily insert the barbed hose end by hand. No time is wasted with finding and loading fittings in tool fixtures. Straight crimp on the entire length of the ferrule. Jackson MasterCrimp fittings have a clean, smooth look that is appealing to all types of customers.

We will manufacture custom fittings to your specifications. Contact our customer service department for more information about this service.