Protective Hose Coverings

Spring Guard

To prolong the life of hose lines that are exposed to rugged operating conditions, such as severe flexing, Spring Guard reduces kinking and protects the hose from abrasion and rough handling.

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Silicone Fire Sleeve

This fiberglass sleeving has a coating of silicone rubber bonded to it which offers flame resistance that will protect the hose from extreme temperature conditions.

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Heat Shrink Tubing

To minimize hose O.D., heat shrinkable tubing is used in applications where cleanliness is essential, such as food and pharmaceutical processing. This provides easy cleaning of the outer hose surface.

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Stainless Steel Armor Guard

A highly flexible heavy duty metal casing to protect the hose against severe handling abuse and overbending. This can be applied over the entire length or in short sections at the end connection.

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Woven from thousands of nylon filaments into an abrasion-resistant sleeve, the nylon cover extends individual hose life in severe abrasive environments. As it is scuffed and worn, its filaments frizz, forming an even thicker, more protec-tive shield.

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