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Transportation Hoses

PTFE Hoses
PTFE Hose offers many advantages to the Transportation Industry. PTFE Hose increases Permeation Resistance over conventional rubber hose as hydrocarbon material does not affect PTFE. The high molecular weight of PTFE leads to increased resistance to stress cracking from environmental factors. Titeflex PTFE Hose offers prevention of electrostatic discharge (ESD), exceptional temperature resistance, low pressure drop due to its "non-stick" properties, is flexible, chemically inert, and non-aging.
Automotive Hoses
Titeflex offers PTFE flex hose to the transportation industry to meet the demanding needs of automotive OEMs and tier I suppliers in addition to products designed for heavy machinery and the rapidly growing NGV market. Primary systems by Titeflex as a tier II supplier include fuel, brake, turbo charger oil, transmission oil cooler, traction control, electronic stability programs, natural gas, hydraulic clutch, air conditioning and other niche automotive applications.