The refrigeration and cooling industry is changing to meet global efficiency standards, in commercial/residential and stationary/mobile applications. Refrigerated transportation is a critical link in cold-chain logistic operations. Perishable products, a growing population, and a rise in freight transportation has fueled the market for refrigerated transportation.

Cryogenic equipment operates in temperature below -150°C, using cryogenic gases such as nitrogen, helium, and argon; and may be comprised of containers, pressure vessels, cold traps, purifiers, and flexible metallic hoses/piping. The key for successful operation of cryogenic equipment is proper insulation to prevent temperature changes inside equipment based upon external temperature changes.

Note: Stainless steel hose assemblies used on cryogenic vacuum pumps and chillers are also supplied to the semi-conductor industry where cleanliness and high leak tightness is required. Corrugated braided stainless steel vibrasorbers and hose assemblies are used as vibration eliminators, are fire proof, and reduce leak concerns. PTFE hose assemblies are often used in commercial refrigeration units. Internal thermal expansion valves incorporate a precision bellow (commonly known as a diaphragm) to control the amount of refrigerant inside the air conditioning unit.

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