Polypropylene lined composite hose with high strength galvanized steel inner and outer wires providing conductive assemblies that allow for exceptional light weight handling with supreme flexibility and kink resistance available for vapor recovery and light fuel transfers yet engineered to withstand a hard vacuum.

With a wide selection of end connections including aluminum flanges and couplers, aluminum TTMA flanges and aluminum threaded fittings. Working pressures of up to 100 psi (7 bar) with conformance to EN 13765:2010 and temperatures of up to 100 C (212 F).

Chemiflex® Vapor Recovery Polypropylene Hose Type GGV, PGV, SGV 944




Applications / Industries

AgricultureBiofuelChemicalCryogenicIndustrial ManufacturingMarineMilitaryOil & GasTransportation