Polypropylene lined composite hose with polypropylene coated steel inner wire, and either galvanized steel (3091) or stainless steel (3094) outer wire.

Engineered with 100% chemical resistant barrier layers embedded in the hose wall to prevent permeation and leakage. Available in sizes from 1” to 4” diameter, hose assemblies are conductive and capable of full vacuum. A diverse selection of end fittings are available. Working pressures of up to 250 psi (17 bar) and temperatures of up to 100 degrees C (212 F).

Heavy Duty Polypropylene Chemical Hose Type 3091 PGP

Heavy Duty Polypropylene Chemical Hose Type 3094PSP




Applications / Industries

AgricultureBiofuelChemicalCryogenicIndustrial ManufacturingMarineMilitaryOil & GasTransportation