Titeflex R122/R144 PTFE hose contains innercore which has been extruded vertically to maintain the highest quality of concentricity.

Titeflex R122/R144 hose PTFE innercore has a wall thickness of 0.030″. Titeflex PTFE is manufactured from Dupont type 62 fine grade resin or equivalent and uses 304 stainless steel wire braid as reinforcement. Additionally a precisely controlled amount of carbon black added to the PTFE innercore provides a continuous conductive path to the metal end fittings, to bleed off static electricity in steam or high flow-rate applications. Titeflex R122/R144 Series hose sizes -4 through -10 are rated for full vacuum. Larger sizes -12 and above can be reinforced with an internal support spring for full vacuum service. Titeflex R122/R144 Series hose has an operating temperature range of -65°F to +400°F (-54°C to +204°C) for continuous service or -100°F to +500°F (-73°C to +260°C) for intermittent service.

Titeflex R122/R144 Series